Lolita Bags Perfect for Summer

Bags are a staple item in any lolita's closet. Each bag is special in its own way. Most lolita bags are very detailed and feature fun designs. No matter what the occasion there's a bag right for any lolita's look. A lolita outfit is never complete without a bag. Here are some bags that are stunning for summer!    
The first accessory is a small handbag. This is not just an ordinary handbag, it is very unique. Lolita girls are known for making a statement. This particular handbag has a retro-styled clock face on it on both sides. It also has a comfortable leather handle and also has an option to wear it on the shoulder. The bag has plenty of room inside it and it even has a small zipper pouch within it. It would be a great accessory for a classic lolita, but it can be worn with any style look. That makes this bag the perfect accessory for any summertime look.
Another fun handbag would be the Halloween Bowknot Embroidery Lolita Backpack. The backpack style of purse is really in right now. How cute would it be to carry around a backpack with an adorable bat bow on it? This bag is black with an embroidered bat bow on the front of it. The handbag has red accents on it and is made of a leather-like material. Since it is so close to Halloween time, it would make a great addition to any lolita's wardrobe. This handbag would look the best on a gothic lolita, however, with it being so close to Halloween time, any lolita could wear this dark accessory. A black or dark red lolita dress would look beautiful with this backpack. The batty detailing on this backpack makes it such a fun Halloween inspired accessory.
In general, any bag that gives you a summer vibe will make any lolita look complete. Look for designs and details that remind you of a hot summer day. Handbags with suns and light summer colors would look great for a day in the sun. Gingham patterns and yellow pastel colors are a popular design summer lolita bags. A sweet lolita would look so cute with a lacy patterned handbag like the one pictured below. It would finish off her look nice and give her an extra accessory.     

Most lolita handbags have a different theme to them. Some popular themes are lace detailing, flower patterns on them, distinct shapes, and fuzzy materials. My personal favorite style of lolita bag is the leather gothic-themed bags. These bags typically are all black leather or red with some kind of embroidery on them. I find that leather bags last a long time and also go with a lot more outfits than ones that have a more extreme theme to them. I really enjoy bags that are also easily worn as a crossbody bag.     

Here are some good matches of bags with different styles of lolita dresses.
The first look I created was one for the sweet and adorable lolita. The dress is a youthful, flirty, and flouncy dress that has details of peaches on it. I thought the lolita dress would pair perfectly with this fun fan-shaped bag. The bag has gorgeous honey peach flowers printed on it and has a shiny gold chain strap on it. This look is made for a summer day out in the sun. It is a light and airy look that is made for an extra sweet lolita.     
Another outfit match is a great match for a classic lolita that likes to have fun with color and designs. Not every classic lolita has to be limited to a solid colored outfit. They can experiment with a variety of different patterns. Animal and food designs are a great way to add some spunk. Instead of a boring look, change it up with a cute whale and jellyfish design on the bottom of it. This dress is still classic, but the blue ocean-inspired design is fun for summer. The classic lolita dress will pair wonderfully with an iridescent heart-shaped bag. It is still a simple bag, but the iridescent shine will give the dress something extra.
        Last, but certainly, not least is a look for the gothic lolitas out there. Even in the hot blazing summer heat, a gothic lolita has got to have her signature black dress and dark lolita accessories. The dress in the photo below is a black lacy dress with white cross accents on it. It is a dress that is a staple in any gothic lolita's closet. A bag that would pair with it would have to be something dark but yet still have something special about it. The bag I found to go with the dress is a strange yet amazing bag for a gothic lolita. It is a skull-shaped bag that opens up on the top of the skull. This bag is not only awesome for a summer gothic lolita look, but also for any Halloween styled outfit. Dark, sinister, and spooky accessories are the best finds for gothic lolitas wanting to stand out in a crowd. Lolitas were never meant to blend in with the people around them.     
Lolita bags are the perfect accessory for the summer and anytime in between. Bags make the most perfect accessory since they can hold all your necessary items and also give a look some extra flair. Always make sure to take your time when matching your outfit with your bag. It isn't always easy trying to match an outfit with a bag. It's important to keep in mind your style. Are you a classic, punk, sweet, gothic, or school lolita? Once you determine what lolita you truly are, then you can look for what bags will look right with your style. Everyone's style is different, it is okay to stand out in a crowd. Besides, that is what lolita fashion is all about. Lolitas yearn for attention on whatever outfit they may be wearing.

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